The Perfect Car Just Doesn't Suck

Apple Car: What We Know

Apple deployed more than 1000 employees to work on ‘Project Titan’ in 2014. A secret location was set near its headquarters to develop an electric vehicle. However, the project went down the gutter due to internal mix-up and competition for power in the organization. This forced the company to sojourn the project and perhaps resuscitate it in the years to come.

Apple electric car

The conception of the project saw Apple hunt for partnerships with reputable manufacturers. Although they managed to sway the manufacturers most of them such as Daimler, Magna Steyr and BMW later pulled out. Everything has since been put on hold including locations for testing vehicle prototypes. Apple interest to build was before the launch of the original iPhone. Steve Jobs was the mastermind later rescinded the project and concentrated on the improvement of the iPhone.

Subsequently, under the control of Bob Mansfield as laid off many of the employees that were working on the project. It has changed the original idea of building a full car to edifying an autonomous driving system. This will enable Apple create a product that conforms with iOS devices and can return to original idea or partner partners with existing car creators.

Apple has allocated different aspects of the software to numerous teams. A team comprising of 24 former BlackBerry QNX clienteles in Canada is helping to create the underpinning operating system. Other aspects such as self-driving capabilities and heads-ups display will be handled by another crew. The self-driving software will be tested by virtual reality simulators, which have been created by a self-stimulation group that consists of Doug Bowman an expert in Virtual Reality.

A more outlandish speculation ranged in February 2015 when a cryptic van leases to Apple was traversing the streets of California. With multiple cameras and a camera rig attached to it made people think that Apple was trying to replicate Google street view. It was later discovered that the furtive vans had a drivers. Consequently, Apple later revealed that the vans were essentially being used for a mapping task. However, these stimulated people’s inquisitiveness that led to revealing of the Apple’s secret car.

Apple executives have given the team developing the car until 2017 to present the practicability of an independent driving system. As it redirects its focus, Apple has embarked on hiring new personnel. The definitive future of ‘Project Titan’ is blurred and is anticipated to be vivid early next year. Additionally, it is not known when Apple will have it driving system ready to ship.

Owing to the stability and profitability of the iPhone, Apple is now able to shift its focus to other opportunities of research and development. Several employees have left Apple in the preceding months and fixated their talents elsewhere. There is still hope in making this coveted fantasy car a reality.

To conclude, creating an autonomous car appears impossible but with experts, working together this is conceivable. If Apple strategizes accurately, we will be able to see a self-driven car in the year 2017.